One of the most popular ways to read someone’s future is through cards – something which has been popularised through the art of tarot, which has actually been with us as far back as the 14th century!  People all over the world read through specialised tarot decks to this day – and though it has roots in Milan and Bologna, tarot has been a very British practice for quite some time!

It’s not especially clear exactly when tarot first made its way to British shores, though as popularity with playing cards rose across Europe, it was only a matter of time before the Brits started getting involved.  To this day, official groups and conferences exist for readers and collectors of tarot within the UK to meet up and share experiences.  Certainly, it’s safe to say that no two readings are quite alike – while the cards may have their roots in the European gaming scene, there are millions of us who rely upon the movements of the various cards and symbols involved to open up interesting facts about the journeys we have ahead of us.

Tarot readings are very special indeed – thousands of people in the UK are particularly talented at reading the cards, and while it is possible to perform your own reading, it is important to get to know a little bit about what each of the cards mean and how they can be interpreted.  That, my friends, could take more than just a blog post – so why not get started on a voyage of discovery into the world of tarot through a world of books and papers available on the subject?  Tarot can be fun – but it can also be very revealing – don’t jump into reading the deck until you’re fully happy to do so!