Anyone who knows even a little bit about witchcraft – through passing or otherwise – will likely already know that many witches like to accompany themselves with animal spirits.  Who isn’t aware of the idea of a witch having a black cat as a pet and familiar?  This is more than just a cute stereotype, however – as familiars, or kindred spirits, can come in all shapes and sizes of animal – it just so happens that cats are often a very special type of familiar indeed!

Cats have long been seen as sacred animals dating back centuries and even millennia – the ancient Egyptians built shrines to felines to the extent that we have the astounding Sphinx as evidence – and it’s thought that this worship of our purring pals found its way across to the East and into Europe, too.  While not all of us may worship the ground that our cats walk on – we love them all the same, and for those of us practicing witchcraft, it’s thought that our moggies are pretty magical, deep down.

According to certain reading of lore and widely held belief, the connection between a practicing witch and a feline familiar is extraordinarily strong.  Some believe that a cat can help to increase the power of your magic or spell crafting – and they are thought to be extremely helpful in the sharing of unspoken secrets and bonding.  Witches will generally never choose a specific cat outright to be their familiar – they will instead allow the cat to come to them, thus allowing the familiar to effectively form the bond.

The concept of witches bonding with cats is more than just stereotype – it is common practice – and as well as offering companionship and warmth on cold evenings, they’re furry, feisty assets to magical practice.