Road Opening Spell

Road Opener Spell

A spell to get rid of blockages and open the road for you. This is a very popular spell as it can help with almost any dilemma, and can help you overcome that “stuck in a rut” feeling you may have. You may experience strange dreams showing you the way to get what you want.

It is recommended you get a tarot reading beforehand to identify which working is best suited to you but it is not necessary and I will do the work regardless. After the spell is cast I will email you an update as to how the casting went, including a short candle reading. I do not guarantee results or offer recasts, as I do not know enough about the full situation to offer this (if you do not believe the magic will work, it quite often will not). Longer cast times do not guarantee results. I am happy to give you advice and have you do your own work alongside me.