Protection and Uncrossing

Spells designed to protect you or someone else from harm. This can include spiritual harm, magickal harm, envy, gossip or travel. This spell will be customised for your specific intent. All of our spells are unique to each case. We work closely with spirits, deities and follow our intuition. This includes, but is not limited too:

  • Protection
  • Evil Eye Protection
  • Uncrossing: release yourself from harm, spiritual attacks or crossing magic
  • Love Uncrossing: undo break-up works
  • Mind Uncrossing: releases you fomr spiritual and mentla illness
  • Return to Sender: send negative energy back to who sent it
  • Safe Travel
  • Pregnancy and birth protection

If you order a spell form me, you need to tell me as much as detail as possible so I can customise your spell. I will advise you to follow techniques from the Law of Attraction and to always be completely honest with me. If I don’t know the truth, the spell may not work.

It is recommended you get a tarot reading beforehand to identify which working is best suited to you but it is not necessary and I will do the work regardless. After the spell is cast I will email you an update as to how the casting went, including a short candle reading. I do not guarantee results or offer recasts, as I do not know enough about the full situation to offer this (if you do not believe the magic will work, it quite often will not). Longer cast times do not guarantee results. I am happy to give you advice and have you do your own work alongside me, as long as I am fully aware of this.