Mojo (Gris Gris) Bags

Mojo (Gris Gris) Bag

All bags will be made specifically for your intention. The options offered are used as a guideline, but each one will be specifically for you and activated for you. If you want to order a spell AND a mojo bag to compliment that is fine.

Mojo bags are alive. They have a living spirit inside them that works with you and helps you; keep it on you as much as you can, feed it (using magical oils) regularly and either smoke it with incense or meditate with it to transfer your energy and intention to it. Treat it well! Do not let anyone else see it or touch it; this will kill the magick. Do not open it up unless it is already dead and you want to bury it or reuse some items.

Please email me if anything happens to your mojo bag and we will discuss next steps!