7 Day Spell Kit

We are happy to present our 7 day candle spell kits – designed to help you and support you in casting your own spell at home. All of our oils are homemade, our candles are created by us and filled with relevant oils. Each kit comes with:

  • One homemade, oiled and anointed candle (already fixed with appropriate herbs and oils)
  • Three herbs blessed and prayed over
  • One charm (please remove before burning!)
  • Parchment paper for writing your petition on
  • Instructions on how to perform your spell

You burn this candle for an hour a day whilst meditating on your desire. You can add extra to your spell if you want (oils or herbs) but this is a good working for a boost, or if you want to work alongside work another practitioner is doing for you. Options include:

  • Call me spell (with pink and yellow communication candle)
  • Lover return (red candle fixed with herbs and oils)
  • New love (red candle fixed with herbs and oils)
  • Money (Green candle fixed with herbs and oils)
  • Career (green candle fixed with herbs and oils)
  • Healing (blue/brown candle fixed with herbs and oils)
  • Road opener (homemade orange and blue candle)
  • Cleansing and Protection
  • Custom – contact us for any needs and we will see what we can do for you!

We always work closely with our clients and offer as much support as we can within reason. We keep all of our costs as low as possible. We use homemade, home grown materials (or sourced from reputable retailers when needed) and when casting our own spells do spare absolutely no expense. Please remember a lot of magic comes from your intent so you will have a direct impact on any work done by yourself or others.