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Tarot Readings

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Morrigan In The Kitchen

Morrigan in the Kitchen is devoted to spreading their love of magic and witchcraft all over the world. It is a small family team who complete spells and tarot readings help their customers gain control over their lives. All spells are completed by our two practitioners, who have been practising witchcraft for many years and are devoted to improving the world by using the powers of the universe. We are based in England. L and C follow two different paths with L concentrating more on the lighter side of the path and is an expert in love and healing. While C deals the darker side, working with spirits, deities and demons. C’s revenge and retribution casts are some of the most powerful you can find.

Whatever your needs contact us to see if we can help. We are working to add all our casts onto the shop page but there are so many and different circumstances call for different versions so please get in touch to find out more.


Tarot Reading

Aren’t sure what spell would work for you? Want to know the next step in your career? Love life questions? Order a tarot reading and our reader will perform a reading for you and send you the answers you seek over e-mail!

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Banishing and Crossing

A spell to make someone move away or leave you alone, and overall, just stop being part of your life. This spell does not have any bad effects on the person, and just ensures they will no longer be around you or cause you any problems.

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Empowerment and Healing

This spell can be custom designed for you and your particular need. It most effective for those who are struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD and recovering from other emotional trauma.

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New Love Spell

A spell to bring a new love to you! Draw your soulmate or a perfect partner to you. Will be customised for you, but this is perfect if you’re having no luck dating, ready to settle down, or just want a bit more luck in your next relationship than you have

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